Motorcycles in Cuba

Photo feature by Caridad

HAVANA TIMES, Dec 28 — In several provinces of Cuba, especially in Santiago, motorcycles or any vehicle with two wheels and a motor are being used as taxis.

Though not the safest form of travel, it’s a fast way of getting to work, to the hospital or to any appointment.

All of this is provided that you have the required safety helmet and are willing to get splashed from the puddles in the streets, where drivers of cars and trucks never want to decrease their speed, and where nor does the sun want to lower it insistent heat.

As far as one can see, this type of service or work hasn’t proliferated in Havana not up until now. Fortunately, for those who like these kinds of vehicles, at least the Cuban government has opened up the possibility for buying and selling them.

Perhaps we’ll now be seeing motorcycle taxi services extended to our capital.

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