My Trip to Cuba’s Car Museum


Photo Feature By Luis Rondon Paz

HAVANA TIMES — When I was a child, I always wanted to visit the Transport Museum located in Santiago de Cuba. Back then, my hunger to visit this place was fed every summer when we would pass it by on the bus with my relatives and friends on the way to the Playa Sigua beach resort. I always thought that this museum was mystical; I would stare out of the bus window amazed by the shininess of so many old cars in one place.

Then puberty hit, adulthood came and I soon moved to Havana so that fantasy was buried somewhere deep in my subconscience. Until an opportunity arose to go to Santiago for work reasons and that vague memory from my childhood came back into my life, vivid like it was yesterday.

How exciting! Finally my fantasy will come true! I will be able to see this great sanctuary full of beautiful, shiny and glamorous cars up close! My ego was jumping up and down inside in an unusually childlike manner.

Silly me for thinking that the museum would be just like the picture I had of it in my childhood memories. But oh well, that’s the way things are here in Cuba, I mean, my memories.

Here are some pictures from the place in question.

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  • as a south african based in cape town why then cant we buy these vechiles, policy must change

  • Could you not make better pictures??

  • This place is now on my list to visit! Thanks for the idea Luis.

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