Pictures of Cuban Men

Photo Feature by Elio Delgado Valdes

HAVANA TIMES — Today we bring you a photo essay with a sampling of Cuban men going about their daily endeavors in Havana. It’s another slice of life in the capital.

Click on the thumbnails below to view all the photos in this gallery. On your PC or laptop, you can use the directional arrows on the keyboard to move within the gallery. On cell phones use the keys on the screen.

3 thoughts on “Pictures of Cuban Men

  • Dear Grady,

    You are coming across as rather condescending and arrogant. My comradely word to you is to take a self-critical look at your words.

  • Well, as much as I admire your superb defense of the accomplishments of Cuban socialism, Elio, I must say that your artistry as a photographer has a long way to go. Perhaps the best favor I might do, as a comrade, is to try and contribute to your development as a photographic artist.

    It is natural for beginning painters and photographers to think of their art as sort of “copy machine” products. The idea seems to be look-and-paint, or point-and-shoot. This is representational, or physical product depiction. This can be very nice, but the viewer needs and hopes to “go into the work.” This conveyance is accomplished by the artist.

    You’ve shown us a number of Cuban men, but I still do not know them in a profound human sense. I’m sure I know them in my heart, but haven’t yet been able to bring it out and let me enjoy it.

    I wonder if you even like or love these men! If so, it is not very apparent.

    An artist tries to go beyond this superficial representation of the physical, and convey something essential. In the photos above, Elio, you seem to have pointed-and-shot, with little or no artistic inspiration.

    This is very difficult to explain, especially in a short space. But they say that “a word to the wise is sufficient.” My comradely word to you is to take a self-critical look at your pictures. Try to see why they do not go below the surface and achieve–or even approach–the level of artistry.

    If you can think hard about what I’m trying to express, Elio, perhaps your next batch of photos will advance beyond a representational, photocopy-machine approach. Best wishes.

  • Great photographs, Elio!

    I especially love photo #13, of the older man with the NY Yankees cap, such character in his expression. That is a face that has seen pain and joy, hard work and not much ease, humility and dignity.

    Thank you for sharing them with us.

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