Pieces of Mountains

Photo Feature by Caridad

Photo I took in Venezuela.

HAVANA TIMES, Sept. 8 — Like many people who are born on an island or near the sea, I find it difficult to feel comfortable without being close to the water – even though where I was born and lived, the sea could never be seen.

What there was in front of my house was one of the few elevations that exist in Havana.

At a height of 20 inches, or maybe a yard, for me that small hill was a green world full of mysteries that I always wanted to discover.

On it was an enormous stone along with a tree with a wide trunk, a light pole in disuse and upon which perched auratiñosas (Cuban vultures), and a slight bustle occasionally came from the other side of the “mountain.”

All of this awoke fantasies in me that at some moment in time had ceased, when I had grown a few inches more in height and had escaped to climb the hill.

The best experiences in my life I’ve had on the summits of mountains.

However I’ve never been able to bear living permanently among them, without a glimmer of the sea, because this was something I became familiar with very early. There were no mysteries to discover. For me it was enough to experience the sea full of salt and blueness, its intrinsic freedom.

The horizon is a much more distant line in the sea than in the mountains. That’s why they burden me, they call me; I love them and I hate them; they lock me in and they make me fly.

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5 thoughts on “Pieces of Mountains

  • Bjmack: I took these pictures in Venezuela, but I have other galeries about Cuba.
    Landis, Thanks, but unfortunatly I just know how to use my camera, I would like to paint, but I dont know how.

  • These are beautiful photographs. Your thoughtful eye transmits the beauty of landscape in unique and powerful ways.

  • Yet another example of how, through your camera, you manage to capture the “soul” of your subjects us as well as if you had painted the same scene. BTW, have you ever painted? (I mean, with paints and brushed, as well as your camera?) It would be interesting to see the contrast between the two media.

  • Excellent photographic work – here and in other collections! I now watch for your name, and my appreciation of your skill continues to grow.

    Keep clicking!
    Jenny Cressman

  • These photos are awesome! I cannot travel to Cuba, due to my governments legal restrictions for me
    to leave the USA and venture to CUBA, so this is my only link. Perhaps someday, I will be free to travel
    and visit your country. In the meantime, thank you so very much for giving me a hint of such an incredible

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