Santa Clara: Beyond the Myths

Photo Feature by Caridad

Santa Clara, Cuba
Santa Clara, Cuba

HAVANA TIMES, March 2 — Santa Clara is, for most of its residents, the “City of Che.”  Since 1958 —when the Argentinean guerilla fighter derailed a train full of soldiers of the Batista dictatorship and took the city after much shooting, bloodshed, and demonstrations of courage— Santa Clara residents have felt prouder for having been born in that area in the center of Cuba.

If you go there on a visit, the first thing you’ll find is the Ernesto Guevara Memorial Plaza.  It’s here where the physical remains of the famous guerilla fighter are guarded, as well as those of several guerillas who accompanied him in his final months in Bolivia and those of other no less valiant Cuban combatants.

Santa Clara is also the country’s province with the most images of Che and where he is mentioned most often.

However, there are several places in that city that are worth visiting…ones beyond the myths that are passed on there.

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2 thoughts on “Santa Clara: Beyond the Myths

  • It really is an amazing site…well worth the drive for us from our resort outside Varadero!

  • We visited Santa Clara last year but unfortunately (according to our tour guide) had ‘picked’ the day that the memorial site is closed.
    We are visiting Cuba again in May this year and hopefully will be able to pay our respects to Dr Ernesto Guevara de la Serna.

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