Summer Haircuts and Hairstyles in Cuba

Photo Feature from Guantanamo


HAVANA TIMES —Cuban students welcome their summer vacation to cut their hair in the wildest ways, since during the school year fashionable hairstyles are prohibited, especially for boys.

They’re easy to spot with their new designs. Moreover, for those without the money to pay for a haircut there is always the option to exchange cuts with friends.

Here’s a look at some of the styles being worn especially by the young people in the city of Guantanamo, Cuba.


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6 thoughts on “Summer Haircuts and Hairstyles in Cuba

  • It isn’t just Cuba. A majority of Caribbean countries are like this. I live in Jamaica and the strict rules with the school system are exactly the same. Girls in some schools can’t even wear afros.

  • Cuba today is similar to Cuba of fifty years ago. Vancouver today bears no relationship to Cuba. Why has Cuba not similarly changed?
    My congratulations on being as Conrad Ermle puts it “so successful today.”

  • Can you describe any other examples of freedom of expression in Cuba?

  • And that is probably why you are so successful today. Long live the great revolution.

  • A good example of freedom of expression in Cuba. Freedom of the individual to express themselves. Going back to school in the Fall will be a different story. Getting ones education is a serious business. Time then to show some maturity and personal responsibility. Enjoy your summer. Have fun.

  • In 1969, when I was already 23 years old, I entered vocational school in Vancouver. I remember well the first words of our electrical instructor as he entered the classroom, “Any hippies?”
    He kept strict control over our appearance. He justified this as preparing us for employment. But with the flood of young men with long hair, be was unable to maintain this control.

    Cuba today reminds me of school when I was young.

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