The Daily Struggle

Photo Feature by Elio Delgado

HAVANA TIMES, Oct. 17 — Cubans, in their customary greetings, usually say that they’re en la lucha (in the struggle). There’s even a popular joke that maintains that Cuba’s national sport isn’t baseball, but…the struggle.

What does it mean to struggle or be in the struggle? It can be looking for any way to get money to buy things for the house, selling any item (from avocados or mangos to plastic shopping bags or sanitary napkins), or in getting paid to perform veritable miracles by repairing equipment or appliances suffering from decades of use.

To all this are being added occupations and small private businesses that will soon be increased in the wake of new regulations approved by the Cuban State.

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One thought on “The Daily Struggle

  • there is always struggle where hardtimes are of common ground . but for us in other parts of the world it is a daily routine and yet we survive the ordeal and move on too tomorrow. in time cubans will learn of a truth that seems to be holding them back from moving foward in time

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