The Havana City Zoo Keeps Trying

At Havana's 26th Ave. Zoo
At Havana’s 26th Ave. Zoo

Photo Feature by Luis Enrique Gonzalez

HAVANA TIMES — The 26th Avenue Zoo in Havana makes what appears a last ditch effort to attract some public. For over 8 years I have been visiting it consistently and very little has changed despite efforts to keep it up.

Zoo-26-(21)The fauna is shrinking. For example the spider monkey is no longer there. However even in these conditions other alternatives have been sought to attract the public.

Zoo-26-(5)The clowns I saw a few years ago are absent today, but we can see inflatable castles and pools with large bubbles where children play inside. Somehow this makes the stay at the 26th Ave. Zoo pleasant or at least more entertaining than if we only counted on the diminishing wildlife.

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