The Main Havana Arts & Crafts Market

Photo feature by Elio Delgado Valdés

HAVANA TIMES — For years, Havana artisans had their center of exhibition and sale at the open-air Cathedral Square, but since November 2009, with the completion of the renovation and restoration of the old San Jose warehouses on Port Avenue, they now have a place protected from sunlight and rain to exhibit and market their crafts.

The warehouses, built in 1885 with the latest technology of the time, and have become a permanent cultural fair that also includes theatrical and music presentations.

Gradually, the place has become a center of attraction for Cubans and foreign visitors, ideal for a family outing.

The restoration of the old warehouses is the beginning of a larger work that, according to the Havana City Historian’s office will, “give life and splendor to each of the corners of buildings and Avenida del Puerto”.

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  • The market is quite nice, if a bit clinical. There is a problem with aggressive vendors, which is a turn off.

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