When the Sea Fails to Respect the Havana Malecon Seawall

El 18 de enero fuertes olas en el malecón de La Habana provocan inundaciones en sus alrededores.

Photo Feature by Caridad

HAVANA TIMES — I’ve had some of my best moments standing in front of the sea, particularly in Havana.

This past Sunday, I was on my way to meet with a friend when I noticed that a number of tourists were leaving the ocean drive area in a hurry, while others enthusiastically went up to meet the waves that crashed against the seawall with more and more impetus.

I have always been careful – obsessively, one may say – to keep my camera away from salt water. This time around, however, I could not resist the beauty and fury of the water.

In a matter of hours, the intense waves brought the sea onto the sidewalk and street. These didn’t stop until reaching the bronze lions that line the Prado promenade.

I actually would have enjoyed not to have had my camera on me, for I envied those who were playing with the waves immensely.

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3 thoughts on “When the Sea Fails to Respect the Havana Malecon Seawall

  • Great photos, the ocean certainly looks angry.

  • The Malicon is alway so alluring but especially when rogue waves crash against it! These are beautiful shots!!!

  • Damn! The nicest looking, most updated vehicle I’ve seen since viewing Havana Times was the police motorcycle! Otherwise, great shots!

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