Works of Cuban Visual Artist Yasser Castellanos

El Dolor por Yasser Castellanos
Pain by Yasser Castellanos

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HAVANA TIMES — Yasser Castellanos (1974) is a self-taught painter, graffiti artist and MC. He has been exploring people’s relationship with the divine since 1998, incorporating elements of primitive art into his work.

Castellanos’ has consolidated an increasingly personal style and shown an interest for the esoteric and digital worlds. The artist aims to portray an intangible reality that he conceives as an interrelated Whole: man-diversity-consciousness.

De la serie "Pensando en Cuba" por Yasser Castellanos.
From the series”Thinking of Cuba” by Yasser Castellanos.

The series of flags titled Pensando en Cuba (“Thinking of Cuba”) deals with a more social issue: Cuba’s everyday panoramas in the decades of economic and moral crisis.

Below is a selection of Yasser’s pieces.

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