Young Talent in My Home Town

Photo feature by Janis Hernandez

16-Ninos de la companiaHAVANA TIMES — Santiago de Cuba is often called a musical city. It’s a place where it’s commonplace to walk the streets and find yourself in any park, square or corner filled with troubadours, singers, comedians and dancers.

Usually, on the weekends, esplanades and plazas are sites for shows of all types. Passersby who are shopping or strolling might begin clustering around at the Plaza Aguilera for a public presentation of Santiago’s “La Colmenita” children’s theater group. “Por el mar de las Antillas” (On the Caribbean Sea), is one of their most popular plays.

Child orators, actors, dancers and singers make kids and adults alike laugh, dance, chant and cheer as they tell their beautiful story.

Passing by there, I couldn’t resist the temptation to photograph them. With these snapshots I wanted to show HT readers how the young artists in my town had fun and entertained on one Sunday morning.

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