Cuban Life Beyond Havana (Photo Feature)

By El Estorundo

All photos are from the series “Cuban Life Beyond Havana” by David Lopez.

Photos by David Lopez

HAVANA TIMES – Cuban Life Beyond Havana (2020-2021) is a photographic series in progress. The young photographer David Lopez decided to explore life beyond the streets of Havana.

He prefers to photograph other characters and urban or rural landscapes. These are some of the “photos from the countryside” included in his project.

It is a gallery of pictures that recall the sensitivity of Cuban photographer Raul Cañibano. his first contact with farmers. Cuban classic, Raúl Cañibano. As in Tierra Guajira, the man appears in full labor, and the children in the task of becoming men.

Lopez, barely 21 years old, assures these are his first photographic contacts with the peasants: “starting with my grandparents, other relatives and neighbors,” he says.

It is “a long-term project about their lives.” Those lives that, according to the photographer, “offer much more than they own.”

The pictures correspond to rural Matanzas (the town of Ceiba Moche and the Yumurí Valley…, from the native province of Lopez. The university student and has been practicing photography for four years.

What used to be just a hobby is now passion, says Lopez: “Over time I have focused mainly on photo features or street photography.”

“As a life philosophy I believe each person has something to teach me.” This led him to photography. “I am in charge of immortalizing the stories behind each look, each smile, each action…”, says the author.

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