Fleeting Art on Guanabo’s Sandy Beach

With summer here, the Guanabo sand sculpture event has launched in the east of the capital. This year, the 16th edition, is calling on children, young people and adults for an arduous day of work and sun, so as to salvage the former Fiestas del Mar (Seaside Celebrations), which embellished Havana’s coastline before 1959. (12 photos)

Elpidio Valdés Park Returns to Action in Guantanamo, Cuba

The Elpidio Valdés amusement park is the only one of its kind in the province of Guantánamo and one of the oldest in the country, whose areas have not been remodeled in tune with the large parks of today. Nonetheless, during the current summer season it continues to be one of the main attractions for a diverse audience. (14 photos)

The New Chinese Train from Havana Arrives in Guantanamo

A new train, with twelve modern cars, of Chinese origin, will cover the Havana-Guantanamo route, every three days, completing a journey of more than 800 kilometers (500 miles) in approximately 18 hours. As in the rest of the provinces, Guantanamo residents came out to welcome the new train. (16 photos)

Summer Activities for Kids in the Streets of Guantanamo

Despite the high temperatures that have occurred throughout Cuba in recent days, and that for Guantanamo city residents rivers and beaches are distant: other summer options, especially for children, continue in some of their neighborhoods, supported by trainers from the Cuban Sports Institute. (11 photos)

The Redundancy of the Pendulum by Cuban Artist Jose Gascon

Evolving from a first work and making more complex the expression of his thought – Cuban artist Jose Clemente Gascon Martinez brings us his new abstract painting exposition: “The Redundancy of the Pendulum”. The show is up through Sunday July 14th, at the Fajad Jamis Gallery in Alamar on the outskirts of Havana. (20 photos)

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