An Art Challenge (20 Drawings)

We are motivated by being a space that generates this kind of initiatives that ultimately promote the graphics of young Cubans.

Layers from Cuba

Cuban photographer Arien Chang Castán reacted to the theme of LAYERS with his photo essay in the inaugural issue of CubaSeen…

Alfredo’s Day-to-Day

Alfredo is 80 years old and lives alone, on the top floor of a three-bedroom house in Havana’s Cayo Hueso neighborhood.

Havana Seen with a Fisheye

Taken at different points of the Havana landscape, these images try to expose a distinct vision of the skyline of the Cuban capital.

Puddles and Reflections

The puddles left after the rain are mirrors where, at times, striking elements of the landscape are reflected. (35 pictures)

Cuba: Searching for Nature’s Cure

Enma, 77, goes out early in the morning and heads to the countryside in search of medicinal plants to help alleviate her neighbor’s ailments.

Havana’s Forgotten Ones

We know that beauty is the beginning of the terrible. This is the trance that some of Aldaya’s 29 photos put us in.

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