Cuba’s Small-Scale Innovators Resolve Peoples’ Needs

Toys made during the pandemic.

HAVANA TIMES – Since they emerged in the 1980s, the “merolicos” have provided us Cubans with the most essential things to live. From fixing a pressure cooker, a coffee maker gasket or a blender glass, they have covered many of our most immediate needs. Their innovations do not escape the urgencies of each home.

Loved by some, criticized by others, and sometimes even persecuted, the objects they make are in every Cuban home.

But his ingenuity goes beyond purely utilitarian objects. They have made sure that our children have something to play with. Thus, with a simple plastic mold using recycled material and their own resources, these wizards of shapes have managed to fill toy boxes with dreams.

These images serve as a tribute to these essential entrepreneurs.

With scant resources they have not stopped producing and creating.

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  • This is a clear example of how Cubans are capable of doing everything possible to have a comfortable life, if they had the necessary resources they would go very, very far.

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