Guantanamo, Cuba’s Chocolate & Coffee Festival Returns

Photo Feature by Reinaldo La O

HAVANA TIMES – Finally! The long-awaited 5th Edition of the Chocolate and Coffee Festival returns to the streets of Guantanamo, after two long years interrupted the cultural project due to the presence of the pandemic in Cuba.

The cultural event includes literature and contemporary art, exhibitions, concerts, the presentation of typical dishes of the region, humorous spaces and much more. It concludes on Friday December 2.  

The main event and objective of the Festival is to promote the pleasant mix for the palate of the local Chocolate with Coffee.

The artists came to the far eastern Cuban cultural center, accompanied by their fans.  I share with you some of the products and festivities. 

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2 thoughts on “Guantanamo, Cuba’s Chocolate & Coffee Festival Returns

  • To add to Nick’s pleasure, it was Che Guevara, who recognized the potential for chocolate production in Cuba and I believe if was he who got the factory constructed at Baracoa. But like all communist concepts, it fizzled and the potential was unrealized. Cuba has enormous agricultural potential over a wide range of products, both arable and livestock, but rather than encouraging development, the policies of the communist regime have resulted in ever declining levels of production with wide swaths of good agricultural land being allowed to revert to bush, and heralded projects like chocolate, beef and dairy production inevitably failing. I like Nick, would love to see Cuba’s potential realized, but until free enterprise and individual initiative are encouraged rather than the clammy dead hand of communist dogma, nothing will change.

  • My Gosh!
    Havana Times publishes a positive piece about Cuba!!
    I’m gonna treat myself to a little look outta the window tonight and see if there’s a blue moon lookin pretty up there in that big old sky!!!

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