Havana’s Infanta Avenue & Environs (Photo Feature)

By Ernesto Gonzalez Diaz

Infanta Avenue

HAVANA TIMES – From the Malecon to the Corner of Tejas extends Infanta Avenue. This road has the peculiarity that from the intersection with San Lazaro avenue to Carlos III, it divides the municipalities of Centro Habana and Plaza, to continue its journey through that of Cerro.

Infanta, like almost all Havana Avenues, is characterized on its sides by long walkways, sometimes a full block. Also, buildings built mostly before 1959, some of which are rebuilt, renovated and changed their original function.

Before the arrival of COVID-19, it was a very busy, bustling and lively road. Restaurants such as BIKY, the Infanta multi-cinema and the Astral theater stand out. On the stretch from San Lazaro to Malecon there are several nightclubs that drew lots of young people on weekends. The Latin American stadium, the largest and most important in the country, is located near a portion of Infanta Ave. in Cerro.

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