Havana’s Stained-Glass Windows

Photo feature by Ariel Glaria Enriquez

HAVANA TIMES – Like a subtle reflection of our nature, stained glass windows form part of Cuba’s most authentic architecture. Between the whimsical shapes of its acorn-shaped wooden frames, that hold different colored pieces of glass together, the sun’s stubborn light spills across the old floor of colonial living rooms, with the soft stains of the most delicate impressionist art.

Their widespread use wasn’t only limited to these elegant fanning arches or those translucent shapes of light, which are so common on Havana’s balconies and windows, they also occupied a more intimate space, like today’s almost non-existent wooden carved partitions, which served as divisions between rooms inside homes.

Radiant sunlight took on the warm tones of a pastel painting through them, just like they did on the old living room floors.

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