Jazz Vila Project Premieres the Play “Skyscrapers” in Havana

HAVANA TIMES – On the tenth anniversary of the theatrical company Jazz Vila Project, the play Rascacielos (Skyscrapers) will premiere today, April 5th, at the El Sotano Theater in Havana, Cuba. The director commented:

“Skyscrapers is the foundational work of the company, it’s a piece that brought me so much joy. I never thought that when I decided to stage this play it would become the seed of a company that would bring so much joy both inside and outside of Cuba. It’s a very intimate work and describes very well the root of my desire to bring theater to young people from a contemporary perspective. I think at the time it was the thesis I wanted with the staging and with the play itself, and ten years later it still holds true. That’s why when I thought about what play or production I was going to do to celebrate this decade of theater, without a doubt Skyscrapers was the clear choice.”

Jazz Vila is a dreamer with his feet on the ground and his head in the sky, who believes in the ability of art – and especially theater in a very special way – because of how ephemeral it is and because of what it leaves with people. Especially today, when the world is in such terrible, tumultuous times, theater is a way to bring us closer and make people reflect on what moment they’re living in, where they are, and what is really important, because nobody knows what happens within the intimacy of four walls, as the play itself aptly states.

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