La Virgen del Camino, a Havana Crossroads

Photo Feature by Ernesto Gonzalez Diaz

La Virgen del Camino, Havana, Cuba.

HAVANA TIMES – La Virgen del Camino is one of the most important crossroads in Havana. It is an identity element of the San Miguel del Padron municipality.

It is also an obligatory step for those who go from Cotorro to Old Havana, Alamar, Regla, Guanaboca and the eastern beaches to 10 de Octubre and Arroyo Naranjo. Likewise, the districts of Juanelo, Monterrey, La Cuevita, El Diezmero and others in San Miguel del Padron.

Those who arrive or leave the capital from the east, and towards the cities of Guines and San Jose de las Lajas, also pass through the Virgen del Camino.

The crossroads is made up of a group of small parks. One stands out with the sculpture of the Virgen del Camino in its’ center. The monument is the work of the famous sculptor Rita Longa, in 1945.

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