People of Havana (Photo Feature)

By Ernesto Gonzalez Diaz

HAVANA TIMES – These are not the classic photos, usually in black and white, that show closed shots of people’s faces. They often show in detail tiredness, exhaustion, and the burden of daily life, to which many of the photographers who travel through this city on a daily basis.

Nor are they the sweetened and joyful photos that the official Cuban media such as Cubadebate, Gramna, Juventud Rebelde and others show, almost always of children and young people, photos that want to show a Cuba where everything is fine, and that not even the people that publish them believe.

The pictures here show people who live in or visit this city in their daily lives. Common people, young people, children, older adults; on bicycles, motorcycles, skates, trying to “capture” a bus or surfing the waters of the Internet in a park in Havana.

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