School Year Begins in Cuba (Photo Feature)

By Reynaldo La O


HAVANA TIMES – On September 2, a new school year started in Cuba. For many children of the first level of education, the beginning of a new life full of surprises, for others, the return to the classroom means the embrace of a friend, dusting off old notebooks for collective uses and maybe even sharing class with a new teacher.

What is real is that it is still an important moment, despite the scary faces at first sight, impressed by so many kids around.  Its a time to enjoy, from leaving home early on the way to school so as not to be late and so on until the last class shift.

From the city of Guantánamo I give you these images of the first day of the 2019-2020 school year.


12 thoughts on “School Year Begins in Cuba (Photo Feature)

  • Cuba could only become “a great nation” if the totalitarian communist dictatorship ended and freedom and democracy introduced. Dignity and integrity of government are denied under the communist system.
    Without “sanctions” Cuba would remain exactly as it is – a rotten system denying freedom of thought, freedom of action, freedom of movement, freedom of speech and freedom of information. GAESA the military holding company operated by Raul Castro’s son-in-law would continue to control the economy, the policy of creating a proletariat “mass” would continue as would repression – some “Paradise”!
    Comparison with Africa is nonsensical. Cuba has over five hundred years of European based history, with cities established over five hundred years ago, with education, universities and libraries. In the 19th century it was a Cuban Dr, Carlos Finlay who found the cause of yellow fever.
    The link to Africa is solely that of slavery, and the wonderful Afro-Cubano music.
    Incidentally “solo” you don’t say whether you hope to go to Africa or Cuba as a volunteer or what beneficial assets you would provide?

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  • Estoy de a acuerdo

  • They are puppets to their Communist country! How sad, they will NEVER achieve their dreams and work for the Government making starving wages and never be able to aspire their potentials. Communism is a nightmare that is why CUBANS try to escape on rafts! Not the other way around!

  • Pablo Your words are Heart Felt from a Canadian That Has Been There & walked as my Partner has Taught Me what it has taken out of your many people, The Children they will Learn Yes & Many will Obey, Many will Have that Gift & Become strong Minded & Very intelligent as many have began to Question why & As your words have shown many of us that have interest to really see the inside of life in Cuba. There is So Much Hidden Pain in a Nation The Children do not understand & every day they are Very Happy to attend there schools. I ask Cuba If your Government wants to Keep there Status Quo, Why Do They invite The Free World of mine, is it to Torment the ones in the most pain. I Just Do Not Have the Gift of writing to explain the hard ship of life I was lead into investigate & To Believe life could be this Cruel, Cuban Cruel. I have an obligation & I am Struggling For Your Children Cuba. I was a Fishermen First Visits & Missionary has Taken Over my Sport. Damm You Cuba

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  • Patricia your best to have you Cuban Friends Find you a Beach House. Stay with your barrel until your friends receive there Gift. What area is your destination.

  • I love children but no matter what kind of Education they get under this system, they will never reach their goals and dreams,the individuals who put up this message please don’t be naive COMMUNISM is AWFUL,if you are not Cuban I challenge you to live there like Cubans do and we’ll see how much you’ll love this

  • I plan to spend three months in Cuba do you know a beach house that I can rent for a good price

  • I am packing a barrel for my friends in Cuba do you know what is the best company to go with from Toronto Canada to make sure that my barrel gets there safe

  • Cuba. The Land of EDUCATION.
    Cuba without sanctions would a Paradise – a great nation.
    Look at how those young kids smile embracing the future with discipline. Millions of African kids are deprived from this chance. Not because those African nation do not have the ressources but African leaders puppets of the Western Oligarchy sold there own people to the Devil. Rich with oil-diamand-uranium-cobalt-iron…..the African nations can’t even have an Education system at the of Cuba.
    One day I will go there to volunteer
    Viva Cuba. La Lucha hasta la Victoria final.With dignity -Integrity

  • Children is what binds us all.

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