Some New Street Murals in Havana

Photo Feature by Ernesto Gonzalez Diaz

HAVANA TIMES – Two murals have been created in recent days in the municipality of October 10. One in the Red Square, taking the side wall of the mansion that currently functions as the House of Culture, and the other on Tamarindo Street and Calzada de 10 de Octubre.

They are murals that have generated conflicting opinions. Many have told me that they are in bad taste, and that in the case of the one in the Red Square, it breaks with the architectural style of the mansion. Others think they are vulgar and that it is a waste of paint in times of such scarcity.

On the other hand, some people comment that they contribute to the public adornment and that they are visually pleasing. I personally believe that they are valid as a part of the urban landscape, but perhaps the artists should have taken a little more care with certain aesthetic elements.

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