The Havana Malecon Is Lonely


Photo Feature by Juan Suarez

HAVANA TIMES – The Havana malecon seawall is solitary. The avenue is empty and its wall is guarded by police to avoid any accident. Hurricane Irma caused great damage to its foundations and huge craters are seen on its sidewalks. Meanwhile, the neighbors are recovering from that fatal catastrophe.

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12 thoughts on “The Havana Malecon Is Lonely

  • “… What would you do o solve the problem Mr Wong?…”

    That’s the big question, isn’t it. And it’s a discussion that has engaged countless people over decades of time and generated an avalanche of opinions. There’s enough books, publications, academic papers, forum posts etc. to fill a library.

    What I wouldn’t do is to keep posting simple fallacies and impossibilities like you are doing.

  • Mr Wong. Surely their must be some home grown professionals who could instruct /teach young people ? Surely the government has some emergency funds available? Or get the foreign travel companies to stump up extra funding if they wish to continue to encourage tourists to holiday on the island. Their has to be an answer that is acceptable to everyone to this financial mess. What would you do o solve the problem Mr Wong?

  • So you’re saying to trust the Cuban people by bringing in a pile of foreign professionals and experts to fix the country?

    Please remind me who magically pays for all this foreign assistance?

  • As soon as Mr Castro learns to trust the people of Cuba with a say in the rebuilding and development of the country, it is only then that Cuba will develop. Mr Castro trust your people and they will not let you down, bring in professionals in the building trade, plasterers, plumbers, electricians, bricklayers, bring these people in so that they can teach people, offer apprenticeships to those who wish to learn, invest in the youth of the country and they will not let you down. The Cuban people are very proud of their country and of being Cuban!

  • Gerard, nothing in your reply addresses my statement.

    Totally agree that the Castro’s government has been a mess, but that has nothing to do with any lack of concern.

  • Mr Wong. The present Mr Castro and his departed brother have had 60 years to put Cuba back on the road to financial recovery. What have they and their government been doing to enable Cuba and the people of Cuba to enjoy a more fruitful existence. I have visited Cuba several times so I am not speaking as someone who has not visited and talked with people who have had to endure such tremendous hardships.

  • Does this comment have anything to do with the photo feature?

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  • Thanks, Eden. Hopefully, some day, you will have say as to how to fix this broken country.

  • Thanks for sharing the gallery of photos of so many places I have been. So sad to see even more crumbling of the historic buildings.
    If the Cuban people don’t have PTSD from the past 50 years, they do now with the aftermath of IRMA.
    And the hurricane season is not over either. Yes, the Malecon is definitely lonely now!

  • The state of Cuba has nothing whatsoever to do with the Castro’s lack of concern – they’d love to refurbish every building on the island – it’s due to being a desperately poor country with a failed economic/political system that has left the country broke. You can’t “mobilize forces” if there’s no money.

    On another note I hate seeing the Malecon smashed to pieces again. It had a lot of work done to it over the last several years and was actually looking pretty good. What a shame.

  • Come on Mr Castro pull your finger out and mobilise forces to repair the damage which has been not only caused by hurricane Irma but by your lack of concern and investment in buildings throughout the country over the last 60 years. Mr Castro you are a disgrace.

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