The Longest Urban Artery in Cuba

Photo feature by Ernesto Gonazalez Diaz

HAVANA TIMES – The Calzada de 10 de Octubre is the longest urban artery in Cuba. Stretching from the esquina de Tejas to La Palma de Arroyo Naranjo, it runs through Cerro, Santos Suarez, La Vibora, Luyanó, Lawton, Sevillano, Santa Amalia, Arroyo Apolo, Vibora Park and Barrio Azul.

The esquina de Toyo and the intersections of the street with several avenues (Acosta, Lacret, Santa Catalina, Dolores and others) are part of this exposition.

I try to capture the spirit of this highly transited, noisy and congested road. I bring you aspects of its architecture, its people and their goings about, along with the pictures of the Jesus del Monte and Pasionistas churches.

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  • It is a shame the so so long suffering of the Cuban people, due to the strangulation USA policy, and to the bad policies in Cuba. Our People deserve better.

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