Walking around My 500-Year-old Havana

Photo feature by Elio Delgado Valdes


HAVANA TIMES – A city I walk through day after day… Here are some of the images that I carry with me, this is my Havana.

The vegetable cart man’s announcements, the neighbor with the latest gossip, Juan with his motorbike and his struggle to get gasoline, Pepe whose pension isn’t enough for him to get by and is on the prowl for tin cans, he gets a little something to get to the end of the month. 

Fish being sold on the free market, God knows what kind of luncheon meat, and ham at the old butcher’s on the corner, which used to be a clean and painted place years ago.

What can I say about St. John, after opening and shutting so many times, it has ended up in ruin with his guard dog.

The supply and demand market where people haggle for a better price so they can buy a piece of meat and, If you lucky, you’re not scammed too much on the scales.

This is the way I walk home after work, a picturesque Havana, with its locals, its messed-up streets, hidden, ashamed in the face of the majestic new and remodeled buildings.



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