“You Don’t Suspect”- Retazos Dance Co.

Photo feature by Elio Delgado

Retazos Dance Troupe

HAVANA TIMES, Oct. 22 —  “Tu no sospechas” (You Don’t Suspect) is the title for a dance show presented by the dance-theater company Retazos in honor of Ignacio Villa (“Bola de Nieve”) on the centenary of the birth of this singer-pianist and songwriter.

“Bola de Nieve” (“Snowball”), as he was christened by the great multi-talented Cuban artist Rita Montaner, was a unique artist who rescued the romantic feeling that remained in the Cuban identity.

The Retazos company was inspired by his work presented a show that evokes his era.

Under the artistic and general direction of Isabel Bustos, the company that was founded in Havana in 1987 has created a lyrical and intimate language from natural and everyday life, as it aims to reflect the dissimilar contradictions of our time.
Today we present our readers with a photographic exhibition of the work “Tu no sospechas” (You Don’t Suspect), which was presented under the choreographic direction of Bustos and with the creative contributions of the company’s dancers.

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