CDR Meeting, Las Tunas, Cuba – Photo of the Day

CDR Meeting, Las Tunas, Cuba. By Martin Reid (Canada). Camara: Lumix LX7


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4 thoughts on “CDR Meeting, Las Tunas, Cuba – Photo of the Day

  • Jap, further to your question, the CDR was established on September 28, 1960 when Fidel Castro declared its purpose as:
    “A collective system of revolutionary vigilance so that everybody knows who lives on every block, what they do on every block, what relations they had with the tyranny, in what activities are they involved, and with whom they meet.”
    It was based upon the East German Stasi with guidance from the KGB. There is a President of the CDR on every block of every village, town and city in Cuba. Reports are made by those Presidents to the Ministry of the Interior – actually to Alejandro Castro Espin, Raul’s son, who is Head of Security both internal and external (the “Cuban Five” for example) upon the activity of every person living on their block at a maximum interval of one year – usually quarterly. MININT maintains a computer record of every person – I have by chance, seen my wife’s one and it is detailed – five pages, including even our date of marriage.

  • Committees for the Defense of the Revolution

  • What does « CDR » stand for? Thanks.

  • So natural !

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