Iyabo (The Initiate), Havana, Cuba – Photo of the Day

Iyabo (The Initiate), Havana, Cuba. By Mariela Ramirez (Cuba). Camera: Nikon D3000


HAVANA TIMES – Gone are the dark months of travel restrictions due to the pandemic. It seems like a good time for you to go out and share with us your best pictures for our Photo of the Day section.

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One thought on “Iyabo (The Initiate), Havana, Cuba – Photo of the Day

  • July 26, 2022 at 1:30 am

    I was told years ago by my Cuban family who are all santeros/as/babalaos that Iyabos cannot be photographed. This is a covert shot so I imagine the photographer knows this also. Kind of disrespectful in my book – especially if this photograph was taken by a Cuban: even if not a practitioner themselves, they would know. A tourist might have some excuse of ignorance but hopefully this comment will give all readers pause for thought going forward!

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