Street Vendor, Havana, Cuba – Photo of the Day

Street vendor, Havana, Cuba. By Jodi Newell (USA). Camera: Canon EOS 60D


How you can participate in the Photo of the Day

HAVANA TIMES – You don’t have to be a professional photographer, just send a picture (in black and white or color), that you consider with quality to be published. Indicate where it was taken (city and country), type of camera or cell phone you used and a short description of it.

For our format it is better that the photos are of horizontal orientation, since we have problems with verticals when they are on the cover.

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3 thoughts on “Street Vendor, Havana, Cuba – Photo of the Day

  • I recall Cuban TV running a program describing those who endeavor to eke out a living by selling wares on the street as part of “Cuba’s culture”. Cubans endeavor to sell a few brushes, household cleaning requisites and other goods on the street to earn a survival income of a few pesos per day. It is all rather reminiscent of William Hogarth’s famous paintings of London Street Cryers in medieval times. But the program was a classic example of the regime endeavoring to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.
    Tourists like the enthusiastic Lulu, may find such vendors interesting, but few pause to think of the reasons for the endeavors to earn an existence or to consider the daily net return. The picture may talk, but interpretation is required!

  • Beautiful !!! Breathtaking!!!!! The picture talks to you

  • Qué lindoooo, a mi gustó la costa en Cuba ?

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