Dennis Martinez: The Real Challenge for Nicaragua’s Diaspora   

Dennis Martinez: From the pitcher’s mound.

Here comes the next elementary step: the organization of the Nicaraguan diaspora with the ability to act as one to the needs of the country.

By Dennis Martinez (La Prensa)

HAVANA TIMES – Many our hearts sank when we saw the 222 political prisoners released. Listening to the stories of how they were treated and what they went through while they were unjustly imprisoned causes repudiation towards their captors, both the executors and the masterminds of the orders.

It is not a total joy because many people are still behind bars, including Monsignor Rolando Alvarez. In addition, to the fact that the country still suffers the consequences of being governed by “leaders” who have lost their shame a long time ago and are sinking our nation more and more into misery.

The release of the political prisoners is a victory for diplomacy and pressure from the international community. I have heard many reports of the possible upcoming sanctions against a specific group and how they twisted the arm of those in power, forcing them to swallow saliva and eat their words.

However, freedom for the prisoners is an important step, but not the final one, it is just the beginning.

The challenge facing the diaspora

This second opportunity must be taken advantage of. The released political prisoners ignited the hope of seeing a short-term miracle of breaking the chains of the entire nation and building a new Nicaragua, for which early elections are needed with all international guarantees.

I say that they renewed the hope of recovering the country because all this happened from one moment to the next. The news that makes us all happy came when Nicaragua was apparently asleep and adapting to living with a noose around its neck, with repression, threats, corruption, injustice and without democracy.

Here comes the next elementary step: the organization of the Nicaraguan diaspora. Now there are many leaders from popularity, intellectuality, experience, and youth to organize a block of Nicaraguans with the ability to react as one to the needs of the country.

I believe that the past has taught us that we will have to put protagonism, egos and pride aside, to make way for the true interests of the Nicaraguan people. The key is to learn from mistakes, to take up the past as the axis of decisions that should not be repeated. Having so many capable figures is positive, however, wanting to walk unilaterally would only result in the disunity and disappointment of Nicaraguans.

Monsignor Alvarez, the most Nicaraguan

Monsignor Rolando Alvarez demonstrated with his actions what it is to be a true Christian, through actions and not words. He is a clear representative of God on earth and his decision (not to accept exile), although it is true that it cost him his physical freedom, showed the true Monster face of the government.

Alvarez is more Nicaraguan than the people who took away his nationality. He is a person who believes in his principles and his mission causes terror to “leaders” entrenched via bloodshed. The Pope is with him, the constitution supports him, and he has the love and respect of all.

A hug to you Monsignor from the distance, you are one of God’s elite soldiers.

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