Reporters Without Borders Says Israel “Targeted” Journalists in Attack That Killed Issam Abdallah

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – At least 31 journalists have been killed since October 7 across the region: 26 Palestinian, four Israeli and one Lebanese. Among the casualties is Reuters visual journalist Issam Abdallah, who was killed in southern Lebanon on October 13. A preliminary investigation by Reporters Without Borders found Abdallah, and the group of journalists he was with, were “targeted” by Israeli forces. RSF said, “Two strikes in the same place in such a short space of time (just over 30 seconds), from the same direction, clearly indicate precise targeting.”

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3 thoughts on “Reporters Without Borders Says Israel “Targeted” Journalists in Attack That Killed Issam Abdallah

  • Gaza has become the new Killing Fields. what HAMAS started as a genocide has now been superseded by Israel many times over. The facts not outlined on what has and is happening are not too far in the past. Gaza has by no means been a “free territory”, it has been a colony of Israel and a recruiting ground for HAMAS. Seems like yesterday that one man, now dead, said that “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. It seems that long ago the adjective “terrorist” was assigned to a different group, Jews, and yet people forgot that. They forgot the blowing up of the King David Hotel where hundreds were killed and other acts of terrorism (as we now call it) between 1945-1948. Yes, those days are forgotten, when the Palestinians were thrown out of their land in order to pacify the Jews as a result of the atrocities of WWII compensating for the fact that Roosevelt & Churchill knew all along what Hitler was doing to the Jews. The propaganda machinery of the Jewish people, and their control of money in many nations and sectors, is formidable. Year after year we are reminded of the Holocaust, although always geared towards the Jewish side and not including the Gypsies, Catholics and others that faced similar fate back then. I remind the Jews that in my Religion, Catholic for many years we felt that the Jews killed Jesus and then , John Paul made peace with them and led to ‘a change of thinking”. Well, let’s look into that. Were we, Catholics, wrong in having that belief for centuries wrong? I guess so, taking into account that it was just “a few of the upper religious class of the Jews that spearheaded the crowds into seeking from Pilate His death and not all of the Jews in Jerusalem at the time”. That being the case, shouldn’t Israel understand that not all Palestinians in Gaza are terrorists and members of HAMAS and do not deserve nor should be KILLED AS IT IS HAPPENING?!! This approach will create, without doubt in my mind, a recruiting feast for HAMAS nad other organization alike because those children that now survive this GENOCIDE WILL REMEMBER AND BE INDOCTRINATED INTO THE CAUSE. For too many years my adopted nation has closed itxs eyes to what Israel is and has been doing, even allowing it to get away with spying on us and there have been several cases of it. They know that Israel has an atomic weapon and does not participate in any treaty to have it under control thus avoiding sanctions, yet, no sanctions! I called it “The Privileges of the Jewish Nation! HAMAS has to go, but Israel should be stopped. The killing of the innocent should not be approved and allowed and the US should stop supplying arms that have led to the killing of so many innocent people. I join Pope Francis in prayer for a conclusion of this GENOCIDE on both sides.

  • Of couse innocent people will be killed in Gaza, cowardly Hamas hides behind them and uses them as shields, women, children, infirm, elderly. Anyone that will gain them the sympathy of the uniformed and are exploited by socillist media outlets like Democracy Now.

  • Israelis slaughtered some journalists? Killed em stone dead did they??
    Ain’t nothing remotely new about that story.
    Same sh*t different day.

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