Alejandro Langape

Cuba and The Right-Hand Rule

Why am I mentioning what I learned at school? Well, because I’ve been thinking about the laws that shape a country’s economic development and that, whether we like them or not, they are followed to a T here in Cuba, in China or Bulgaria.

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Shortages in Cuba and Living Off of Hope

Vivir del cuento is perhaps the most popular “made in Cuba” TV show that my fellow Cubans on the island watch. In one of its most recent episodes, Panfilo (this old man who struggles with Cuba’s shortages today) has found a wallet. Taking a peek, Panfilo is more excited about finding a whole strip of duralgina tablets than a large sum of money in euros. Read why…

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Habemus Constitution in Cuba

Well, a little after 3 PM on Monday, Alina Balseiro (president of the National Election Commission) revealed the preliminary results of the Constitutional Referendum that was held in Cuba on February 24th, which resulted in a comfortable win for the YES vote, which implies that Cuba will soon have a new Carta Magna.

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