When Is the Garbage Truck Coming in Caibarien, Cuba

Even though summer seems to be pretty much a constant in this part of the world, the reality is that summer has officially started in the northern hemisphere, and temperatures here are over 35 degrees (over 95 F.) (21 photos)

Cuba and The Right-Hand Rule

Why am I mentioning what I learned at school? Well, because I’ve been thinking about the laws that shape a country’s economic development and that, whether we like them or not, they are followed to a T here in Cuba, in China or Bulgaria.

I Still Like Miguel Bose, Despite What the Cuban Media Now Says

In 2009, Colombian singer Juanes’ “Peace without Borders” concert managed to fill Revolution Square in Havana with Cubans who weren’t there to watch a parade or mass rally, who weren’t there to shout and/or carry pro-Revolution slogans, but were just there to listen to musicians. Among the foreign guests at this concert was the Spanish singer Miguel Bose.

Shortages in Cuba and Living Off of Hope

Vivir del cuento is perhaps the most popular “made in Cuba” TV show that my fellow Cubans on the island watch. In one of its most recent episodes, Panfilo (this old man who struggles with Cuba’s shortages today) has found a wallet. Taking a peek, Panfilo is more excited about finding a whole strip of duralgina tablets than a large sum of money in euros. Read why…

Habemus Constitution in Cuba

Well, a little after 3 PM on Monday, Alina Balseiro (president of the National Election Commission) revealed the preliminary results of the Constitutional Referendum that was held in Cuba on February 24th, which resulted in a comfortable win for the YES vote, which implies that Cuba will soon have a new Carta Magna.

Why the Inclusion in Cuba’s Constitution of Same-Sex Marriage Failed

It’s worth remembering that Article 68, which if approved would have allowed same-sex marriage in Cuba, sparked the most debate in neighborhood meetings to discuss the draft Constitution before the final draft, to be voted on in a referendum on February 24, was approved by the National Assembly. It’s also worth pointing out the fact that it was written in mumbo jumbo.

Does the Cuban Economy Really Demand Big Changes?

The new draft Constitution, being proposed to Cubans in a referendum set for February, 2019, is being debated between two dichotomous positions that are forced to stand side by side: change and continuity. Two slight amendments can be seen as early on as Article 5 and become a symbol of this rivalry.