Venezuela’s Compass and Saddlebag

Chavez and then later Maduro both had a golden opportunity to unite every socio-economic sector in Venezuela, from the most pro-government to the most opposing, to really grow into a power like Bolivar had dreamed: a power of happiness and progress.

Heads and Tails of the Same Coin

Somebody I know on social media, who I got on really well with once we found out each other’s stories and our similar points of view about the Cuban dictatorship, wrote to me today to tell me that she would delete me from her friends’ list because she doesn’t want stories appearing in her feed from friends who appreciate former US president Barack Obama.

Stop that So-and-So!

As a result of a complaint made by a Cuban couple who were tourists and their relatives, which has appeared in the media about the abuse national tourists suffer in Cuba when compared to foreigners, I remembered this passage.

Mayte under the Flamboyant Tree

Mayte hung herself from a flamboyant tree, some years after she left her position as the leader of the Young Communist League at secondary school, where she fulfilled the role of a Torquemada of Stalinism, pointing out, informing on and destroying the lives of her classmates, marked by the urgency of rising up the ranks…