The Voice of Cuba’s Catholic Church

It’s been almost two years since Cuba’s Episcopal Conference sought to make public its vision about Cuba and clarify how the Church conceives and envisages the options it recommends or demands for the country in the midst of its reform process.

Cuba’s Black Hole of Public Opinion

We really don’t know here what interests our people, at least not with any certainty. Our Cuban “public agenda”, as the sociologists call it, is secret, confidential, and obscure. Who today would dare to assert what the majority opinion is, for example, on the progressive rapprochement between Cuba and USA?

Cuba: Envisioning the End to Dual Currency

One day, so far unknown but probably closer than imagined, will be “Day Zero” for the start of the process of monetary unification foretold in 2011 by the economic reforms of the Cuban government. Economist Pavel Vidal gives us his view as to how it may all unfold.