Havana’s Culture and Dust Merchants

In front of the old Palace of the General Captains, in the Plaza de Armas in Old Havana, the used booksellers give a picturesque touch to one of the most popular places for international tourism.

Twenty-First Century Loves in Cuba

February is suitable for declarations of love and reconciliation, on Valentine’s Day, with exchange of kisses, poems and flowers. For Cubans, it is still the “Day of Lovers”, with new meanings in this new millennium. Happy Valentine’s Day to all our readers.

The Anguish of Light – Havana’s Stained Glass Windows

After years of absence, I returned, and I was rediscovering the stained-glass windows that used to challenge my imagination and make me ask about the origins of the anonymous craftsmen who used to play with their color fantasies in such a daring way.

Amelia Goyri, Cuba’s Miracle-Maker

“I’ve been working here for over 30 years and not a day has passed, practically, that someone doesn’t come to pray to la Milagrosa,” Antonio says, an employee at the Colon Cemetery in Havana. “Can you see all these small plaques? There are dozens, hundreds of them.”

Rolling Towards Nostalgia: Cuba’s Vintage Cars

If you walk down 23rd street early in the morning, this main avenue in Havana stirs like many others in the world between beeping and the sound of car engines, but a horde of classic US cars drive alongside modern European makes of cars, contending with them on the road and astonishing visitors. (7 photos)