Devaluation in Venezuela, A New Theater

Our memory is short sometimes, and I know that in about a month the story of the devaluation will be forgotten completely. We will have given another sign of how quickly we can adapt to different situations that present themselves, while we’ll remodel our comfort zone to feel once again like fish in water.

Venezuelan Clinics and Their Passion for ‘Piroxicam’

Since the arrival of the revolutionary machine in the country in 1999, the year Hugo Rafael Chavez took office as president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, great changes have been made for building strong foundations of a socialist project in the 21st century.

Sleight of Hand, A Game of Villains

In my country, Venezuela, there’s a very common expression that goes: Juego de manos, juego de villanos (sleight of hand, a game of villains). Mothers will often say this when when their children begin playing by simulating fantastic fights.