Xiomara Reinoso Gomez

Cuban Mornings

There are days – particularly the weekend – when we want to sleep in. After a week of work, we want to get some rest. Often, however, this proves impossible. Street vendors make a point of getting you out of bed.

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On Our Extremism

A number of comments made in response to previous posts of mine have got me thinking, particularly those referring to Cuba: The Way We Were, The Way We Are. I agree we shouldn’t judge people and that, when we criticize extremists, we can ourselves be guilty of extremism.

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On Being Alone in Cuba

A romance may help dispel my sorrows…if it managed to awaken any illusions in me, that is. I’m not too sure it could, not because of my age but because of the disappointments I’ve suffered in life. I would have to give it a try. The problem is that the very few people available are part of my past, water under the bridge, as they say.

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