What Happened to ‘La Joven Cuba’?

You need to have a gift for gibberish; it’s not easy to talk and say nothing. OK, but it’s a talent nonetheless. The Cuban blog La Joven Cuba suddenly shut down on Friday but the one line reason given is not very convincing.

Drooling Over the Pope in Cuba

It’s no secret that many people’s mouths around the world are watering over the visit of His Holiness Benedict XVI to Cuba. But not all this is the result of delighted anticipation. And frankly, some of it is poisonous and violent slobber, though few mouth’s will cease to water.

Yasmin: A Multifaceted Cuban Activist and Blogger

Yasmin defines herself as a feminist and a Marxist, she signs her e-mails with a phrase by Carlo Frabetti: “Engels couldn’t have said it clearer: the first form of exploitation, the basis of all others, was the exploitation of woman by man; but not even Marx listened to him.”