Cuban Theater Troupe Attends Spanish Festival

HAVANA TIMES — The Mephisto Theatre company presented the play Donde hay agravios no hay celos, by Francisco de Rojas Zorrilla, on Sunday in the Santo Domingo Plaza during the Festival de Teatro de Almagro in Spain, reports the Cubaencuentro website.

The aim was to make a “round trip” between Cuban Baroque and comic theater of the nineteenth century, presenting characters with the “way of being of Cuban actors, in verse and melody,” said Liuba Cid, the director of the staging.

The piece has as its main actor Vladimir Cruz (the co-star of the movie Strawberry and Chocolate), who noted that this is a comedy of “entanglements, humor and fun, where the characters dress up as other characters in an ongoing switching of roles,” which the audience “received with great pleasure.”

The work had previously been performed in Cuba, and its re-staging is being done with — in addition to Cruz in the role of Don Juan de Alvarado — Justo Salas (as Sancho), Claudia Lopez (Dona Ines de Rojas), Dayana Contreras (Beatrice) and Ramon Ramos (as Don Fernando de Rojas), among others.