Are GPS divises allowed in Cuba?

Question: I’m concerned about bringing an iPhone to Cuba, as there are no GPS devices allowed in the country. I don’t want to have it confiscated in Customs. Anybody know if I should be concerned about this?

Answer: According to the website of Cuban Customs – – prior authorization, and a permit, are required from the Oficina Nacional de Hidrografia y Geodesia (ONHG or National Office of Hydrography and Geodesy) to bring into the country a Global Positioning System (GPS) of any type. Below is the address, telephone and email where you might want to consult further:

Oficina Nacional de Hidrografia y Geodesia (ONHG)
Avenida 47 # 2829

e/ 28 y 34,
Reparto Kholy, Playa
Ciudad de La Habana CP 11300 Cuba
Telephone (537) 209 0926
FAX (537) 203 0967
E-mail: [email protected]

The Cuban Customs website is avialable in both Spanish and English.

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3 thoughts on “Are GPS divises allowed in Cuba?

  • in Cuba NOTHING is legal!!! so do not take to this country nothing fancy or you loss it !!!!

  • Good evening,

    I recently sent an email to ONHG asking if I could bring my Blackberry Bold 9000 into Cuba to keep in contact with my family and have not received a reply. Can you please advise me?

    Thank you,

  • my dad is a geologist from australia and had his gps device taken from him at customs in havana…

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