Bruzon Skips Capablanca Chess Tourney

HAVANA TIMES April 30 — Cuban chess master Lazarus Bruzon declined to participate in the Capablanca Memorial Tournament, to be held from May 3 to 14 in Havana’s Riviera hotel, said a spokesperson for the National Chess Federation on Sunday.

According to the Prensa Latina news agency, the Cuban grand master, 30, claimed that personal reasons “would prevent (him) from facing the tournament in a position in which he could hope for a positive outcome.” He went on to explain that in his place would be a substitute player, Omar Almeida, who is also a top ranking chess player.

The Capablanca Tournament will consist of two open groups in 10 rounds of the Swiss system, bringing together the best contestants in the “elite group,” led by Ukrainian player Vassily Ivanchuk (who has a rating of 2,764 ELO points), who will have Cuba’s Leinier Dominguez as an opponent (with 2,725 points).