Can you help with info on cancer treatment centers in Cuba?

Question: My wife has had breast cancer which has now turned to bone cancer. I understand that Cuba has cancer treatment centers (hospitals). Can you supply me with names and email addresses?

Answer: The main cancer centre in Cuba is the Havana-based Instituto de Oncología y Radiobiología. In addition to having an outstanding record in cancer-based research, treatment and indeed prevention, this hospital is also incorporated into Cuba’s program of Turismo de Salud (Health Tourism), which facilitates overseas patients receiving care.

To contact Turismo de Salud at the above Hospital, send an email to the director of this department, Dr. José Andres López Losada, at [email protected] In the subject line, be sure to put “para Dr. Losada, jefe, Turismo de Salud “. His direct phone number (office) is (537) 832-2202, should you wish to speak with him in person. He will indicate what information you need to send so that the Hospital can assess if they think they’ll be able to assist your wife’s health condition. Below is the address of the Hospital:

Instituto de Oncología y Radiobiología

Calle 29

Esquina a F (esquina = corner)

Vedado – Municipio Plaza,

Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba
Research carried out by the Instituto de Oncología y Radiobiología has included the development of the monoclonal antibody that recognizes and identifies the presence of the Human Papilloma Virus Ior-HPV1 associated with the appearance of malignant cells and cervical uterine cancer. This antibody enables a fast and accurate diagnosis in screening.

Another study has been done on breast cancer families, enabling the characterization of the gene mutations causing this hereditary cancer and the creation of a Breast Cancer Family Registry in Cuba. Understanding the genetic base of breast cancer can help in identifying the specific cellular mutations responsible for its transmission and ways to prevent this.

More recent studies relate to breast cancer and gene-expression elements that may produce resistance to oncological drugs, as well as studies on prostate cancer.

Recently, the Instituto has undergone major renovation and reconstruction (almost complete), financed by the state, to make it more modern, more comfortable for patients, and outfitted with updated technology.

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  • On January the 4th of 2019 doctors removed upper lobe of left lung,it did not however remove all cancer .I was left with micro cancer cells outside the removed lobe.I am currently under going chemo which is making me very sick,even with all the meds they are giving me,they have already cancelled 3 treatments.If I were to be a candidate I have lots of questions,How many treatments,does a person remain in clinic during treatments,approx.cost and what other information is needed by you?Thank you .

  • Hi my brother is very keen on coming to Cuba for prostate cancer treatment. Can you pls advise us to what we need and treatment costs . He was cleared but it came back few years later.
    Also what kind of treatment is offered over there .
    Kind regards

  • Hi my beloved aunty is suffering about lungs and bones cancer.
    I would luke to know please where she can consult the best oncologist and get the vaccine in Europe since she lives close to Milan in Italy.thank you very much my email address is [email protected]

  • Dear Sir/Madam;

    I’m Hung from Viet Nam. I heard that Cuba have a lot of medicine and good Doctors. My father have Immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP). In Viet Nam, we try many solutions(corticosteroid treatment…) to fix his ill but the ITP index still under 10.

    My father is soldier and he is a good person. Please help me and sent me any information about ITP if your country have solutions to fix it.

    My email: [email protected]

    Best Regards,

  • Hi
    I hope your us well.
    Did you go to Cuba and had a treatment done for your dad if do. Can you please send me tel no and contact adress.

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