Cuba Baseball 2014-15 Schedule Set

By Peter Bjarkman

A game from last season between Las Tunas and Industriales.  Photo: Elio Delgado Valdes.
A game from last season between Las Tunas and Industriales. Photo: Elio Delgado Valdes.

HAVANA TIMES — The Cuban National Series schedule has now been officially announced, with the season opening on September 21 and following the same two-part season structure as utilized the past two seasons.

The first phase will involve all 16 league teams (each playing 45 games) and will end December 16, but the league will be shut down between November 2 and December 5 to accommodate this fall’s Central American Games.

A championship round involving eight top teams will open January 4 and run through March 19, but again there will be a pause from January 22 through February 13 while Pinar del Río participates in the Caribbean Series in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Cuban League playoffs will run from March 24 through April 12.




7 thoughts on “Cuba Baseball 2014-15 Schedule Set

  • Such great info, thank you! Historically, when are the baseball season official dates typically announced?

  • The last season started in Novemeber so there may be games but the official dates of the 2015-2016 Cuban baseball season have not been announced. Anyway, you buy tickets at the stadium the day/night of the games. There are no advance ticket sales.

  • Are ther games in havana during November
    Where do you buy the tickets if the game is on

  • Dear Kaz, no game in Havana on March 11 as the local team, Industriales will be playing in Holguin. The closest game that day is in Matanzas.

  • Does the schedule show a game in havana on 3/11/2015? If yes, where do you buy tickets? Kaz

  • mucho congratulacions para Pinar del Rio. Campeon de 2013-2014! Numero UNO!

  • Industriales campeon, saludos desde Charlotte,NC

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