Andy Sarduy played a key role in Villa Clara’s decisive win over Holguin and a ticket to the semifinal playoffs. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES – Defending champions Villa Clara squeaked into the playoffs of the 2013-2014 Cuban baseball season with an 8-2 must win on the final day of the schedule on Tuesday in Holguin.  The semi-final match ups are Matanzas (last year’s runners-up) vs. Villa Clara and Havana’s Industriales vs. Pinar del Rio.

The action in the Villa Clara-Matanzas series begins on Thursday at 7:15 pm in Matanzas.  Industriales opens on the road in Pinar del Rio on Friday in an afternoon game at 3:15 pm.   Both series are best-of-seven as will be the finals.

Matanzas finished in first place with a 57-30 record followed by Pinar del Rio five games back with 52-35, Industriales 51-36 and Villa Clara 50-37.

2013-2014 Cuban Baseball Playoff Schedule

Semifinals 1
Game #1Villa Clara @ MatanzasThursday 3/27/20147:15 pmCV
Game #2Villa Clara @ MatanzasFriday 3/28/20147:15 pmCV
Game #3Matanzas @ Villa ClaraSunday 3/30/20142:15 pmCV
Game #4Matanzas @ Villa ClaraMonday 3/31/20143:15 pmCV
Game #5 *Matanzas @ Villa ClaraTuesday 4/1/20143:15 pmCV
Game #6 *Villa Clara @ MatanzasThursday 4/3/20147:15 pmCV
Game #7 *Villa Clara @ MatanzasFriday 4/4/20147:15 pmCV
Semifinals 2
Game #1Industriales @ Pinar del RíoFriday 3/28/20143:15 pmCV
Game #2Industriales @ Pinar del RíoSaturday 3/29/20143:15 pmCV
Game #3Pinar del Río @ IndustrialesMonday 3/31/20147:15 pmCV
Game #4Pinar del Río @ IndustrialesTuesday 4/1/20147:15 pmCV
Game #5 *Pinar del Río @ IndustrialesWednesday 4/2/20147:15 pmCV
Game #6 *Industriales @ Pinar del RíoFriday 4/4/20143:15 pmCV
Game #7 *Industriales @ Pinar del RíoSaturday 4/5/20143:15 pmCV
* If neccesary

One thought on “Cuba Baseball Playoffs All Set to Begin

  • GO MATANZAS GO… Lets see if they can finish it off this year as Champions!!

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