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Public telephones in Havana.
Public telephones in Havana.

HAVANA TIMES – The socialist state telephone company, ETECSA, complains about the competition from individuals “using the Internet as an alternative route” to supplant “the role that corresponds to the company” and “International Telephone Companies” bringing “heavy financial losses.”

It would be a good idea to put the managers of ETECSA in contact with their counterparts around the world so they can explain to them how to survive economically while charging less and facing competition from Skype and all other avenues of communication through the Internet.

Of course ETECSA hints that its poor economic performance is due to fraud “organized and implemented from abroad.” In that way an inefficient company is transformed by political magic into the victim of Zunzuneo (the USAID false Twitter program for Cuba) and the plans of the empire and the Miami Mafia that keep it from developing.

The advantage is that when the fault lies with the USA there is no need to propose solutions because everything depends on Washington. No reason to fire any higher up in the company because they are not responsible, nor make changes in company policies since the problem comes from abroad. Therefore, everything will remain unchanged until the end of the blockade.

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  • No control? General President Raul is the commander in chief of the military (FAR). Do you understand what you are writing?

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