Fencing World Cup Foil to Be Held in Havana

HAVANA TIMES — The men’s Havana Fencing World Cup (individual and team) will be held in the Cuban capital from June 29 to July 1 with the participation of over 90 fencers from 17 countries, reported the Prensa Latina news agency.

Attending the tournament will be eight of the world’s top-ten fencers, led by Italy’s Valerio Aspromonte, who was the silver medalist at the World Championships in Catania in 2011 and is currently number ranked number two on the planet.

The top seven teams from the last World Championship will again face each in competitions between China, France, Germany, Poland, Japan, Russia and Italy.

The contest will award points that will be distributed for purposes of international ranking, though these will no longer have value in terms of the London Olympics since qualifications for those games have already concluded.