How about Home Stays in Chambas, Cuba?

Question: I, my son and a friend will be bicycling around western and central Cuba. One of the cities we would like to stay overnight in is Chambas, near Moron. Are there any casas particulares (home stays) or hotels or hostels or campgrounds in Chambas that we could use? I am sure there are some in Moron!

Answer: We don’t see any hotels or casa particular listed for Chambas, but that doesn’t mean at all that there isn’t one as many new ones have sprouted up in the last year. Usually the people where you would stay at a Casa Particular have a network of people they send their renters to in other provinces.  So we suggest you try that route.  Start asking the people you are staying with at previous stops to see if they have a contact there.

3 thoughts on “How about Home Stays in Chambas, Cuba?

  • Yes, the Casa Particular is certainly the best way to stay in Cuba. But, buyer beware and take the advice of a person you trust to point you in the right direction. Our Alberta, Canada weather should hold for another 4 or 5 months and then we fly south.

  • Could I travel from Florida to Cuba and How can? (I am vietnamese). I really need this information, Thank you so much for your help!

  • we always stay at Casa Particulars…..never never been disapointed…of course we have some favourites..but all very good

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