I’m a physician in the US with an interest in Cuba. Do you have email addresses for anyone in this field in Cuba – government or otherwise?

There are several websites that provide ample information about the Cuban health care system as well as the possibility of contacting different health care institutions in the country.

Infomed www.sld.cu

Identified as the Portal de Salud de Cuba (Cuba Health Portal), Infomed is the Spanish-language data transmission site for the health sector in Cuba. Dedicated to provide up-to-date medical information both on a national and international level, Infomed includes news, articles, links to a wide range of health institutions in the country, discussion about health topics, a library, a virtual university, books, magazines, statistics and directories all relating to health in Cuba. It also includes information about international health-related events, conferences and congresses, as well as health courses in Cuba. There is also a page where one can send emails to Infomed, and perhaps through this link one can get assistance in identifying medical personnel in specific areas.

MEDICC www.medicc.org

Founded in 1997, Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba (MEDICC) is a non-profit organization working to enhance cooperation among the U.S., Cuban and global health communities aimed at better health outcomes. MEDICC supports education and development of human resources in health committed to equitable access and quality care, providing the Cuban experience to inform global debate, practice, policies and cooperation in health.

Based in Decatur, Georgia, MEDICC’s International Director works out of Cuba. Cuba Health Reports is the online health news service of MEDICC Review, which is an English-language periodical about Cuban medical and public health policy, research, programs, and outcomes. The online version is free for the Developing World.

Astrosalud www.sld.cu/astrosalud

Astrosalud is a Spanish-language site that distributes scientific information about astronomy and its relationship with health.