Is it safe to take an overnight trip to Trinidad from Varadero?

Question: We originally planned to go to Trinidad from Varadero for one night and next day return to Havana. But reading Cuba reviews we are so scared that we will cancel our Trinidad trip and see as little as possible in Cuba just to be safe.  Can you suggest any tour agency who can offer us a one day excursion to Trinidad from Varadero. Of course we will be very suspicious at first but after we verify with other travelers we can feel safe and maybe decide to use that company.

Answer:  Those tours are very safe. At your hotel in Varadero they will have a number of tour options and one will be to visit Trinidad. The best is to make arrangements the first day you are there, no need to try and do it ahead of time. Have a nice time!

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  • Like to visit Trinidad from Havana. Is the road windy by car?

  • So true. We recently took day trips from Havana to Vinales & friends took day trips from Varadero to Trinidad. Just book day trips from your tour operator at your hotel when you get there. Totally safe. Enjoy your holiday. I did and I’ll be back. Love Cuba!

  • I would like to know where Your from that You have fear to travel in Cuba which is one of the safest country,s in the world.

  • I would like to respond to the question about Trinidad. Be prepared to fall in love. It may be the most charming place on earth! For sure you will be safe, no question there. It is a small community and everyone knows each other, at least in a small way. Knowing what I know, I would spend more than a day there, but if one day is all you have, don’t miss it. I can recommend Casa de Katiuska, I’ve stayed with her every year since 2007. Her room for rent is off of the main house, but in a beautiful garden behind the house, and as with most homes in Trinidad, is surrounded with a high wall for added security. You’ll have privacy in the room, but most likely take your evening meal under the stars, just outside the kitchen.

    Her address is: 36 Frank Pais | Between Elipe Paz & Manuel Fajardo, Trinidad 62600, Cuba, and her phone number is 41994187. To add to your sense of security, every taxi driver knows every casaparticular in town, so you just have to say to him (I’ve never seen a woman taxi driver) “Casa de Katiuska por favor!” and he’ll take you right there…all for about $2 (from the bus station)…anymore than that you’re getting ripped off ; )

    If you want to read an American’s perspective on traveling in Cuba, you can read my blog. I do write much about Trinidad.

    Good luck and have fun!!

  • I recommend staying at a Casa Particular while in Trinidad. These are rooms for rent in private homes, a similar concept to a B&B in Canada or the US. We stayed at a Casa Particualr in Havana for two nights. It was wonderful: the hostess had a wealth of useful information, and she prepared delicious meals, better than most restaurants and much cheaper. It’s very safe and a great way to meet real Cubans.

    Try searching for “casa particular Trinidad, Cuba” at the travel website

    You can read the reviews and find one just right for you.

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